Our Approach


Every project at HCE Telecom starts the same way: with our team sitting down with you and understanding your unique needs and challenges.  We see our customers as our partners and we're in this for the long term.  Our team of experts will create a unique offering that can provide you with incredible service that will grow as you do.


Innovative Products


We Own Our Own Network

We own and operate all our local networks and partner with trusted companies outside our service area. We are able to choose technology that is optimized for fast, reliable services and keep it up to date. 

We Are Passionate, Creative Builders

As a team, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and optimize our offerings. Our engineers think outside the box, attend conferences and get excited about testing out and implementing new technology and ideas.

Flexible Approach


Flexible, Customized Service Terms

Since we own and operate our own network, we are better set up to service your unique business needs. Where other companies have pre-packaged services, each one of our service plans are structured to fit your specific business requirements.

Fast Performance, Built to Grow

Every customer is connected to the same carrier grade networking equipment regardless of their service plan. This ensures we can grow your service as your business needs change.  No matter your needs, we ensure your connection will always be fast.

Extraordinary Service


Built for Business

We built our network to accommodate organizations of all sizes.  Whether you are just starting out, or your company has thousands of employees who need access throughout the region, HCE Telecom can build a solution to suit your needs today and grow with you tomorrow.

Always One Step Ahead

Everything we do is optimized to be fast and responsive to meet the ever changing needs of business. We monitor our networks proactively and provide updates to our customers in the case of an outage. Business waits for no one, that's why we stay one step ahead and we're always available in Hamilton, 24/7.


Let us know how we can help.