We like to say that you can "go as you grow" with our service offerings. We can easily scale your services to ensure you'll always have what you need. 


Our Services


Connectivity Services

We use a consultative approach to understand your business needs and design the best solution to meet your requirements and budget. From simple site to site Ethernet connectivity to large complex multi-site MPLS networks, HCE Telecom is trusted by some of Canada’s most recognized businesses for their Wide Area Network needs. 


Business/Enterprise Internet

Upgrading to fibre internet with us means full support from start to finish. We install our own fibre, offering a bridge solution while you're transitioning, and ensure you're comfortably set up with full access to our support team if you have any ongoing questions or if your needs change. We'll ensure that you get the right connection to elevate your business at speeds second to none.


Cloud Services

If you have large file needs or more than one location, our cloud services can save you time and improve your productivity. Quickly upload and download files of any size for your business anywhere, anytime.


Voice Services

HCE voice services are personalized to your businesses needs. Realize the cost savings associated to IP voice without the need to make unnecessary or costly changes to your existing phone system. HCE SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX solutions are delivered over HCE’s fibre network that guarantees reliability, quality and flexibility. 


Broadcast Video Transport

HCE media transport circuits are perfect for special events, filming or breaking news. HCE can be provide media circuits on a permanent or on-demand basis across our fibre footprint. We understand the complexity associated to high definition video production which is why we offer high touch installations that are projected managed from beginning to end and supported by real-time end to end monitoring with around-the-clock technical support.



A customized approach with infrastructure solutions that are tailored to your needs and that can scale for the future. Distributed Data Centre locations that are strategically located for optimal connectivity options as well as customer convenience. High capacity Internet and network service along with full access to Carrier neutral interconnections at 151 Front St. 


Dark Fibre

With HCE Dark Fibre, you have complete and total control of your data between two locations. Dark fibre allows us to accommodate extra network pressure, ensuring that your communications technology performance never suffers, no matter how large your demand grows.


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