"The City of Hamilton’s Information Technology division has been working with HCE Telecom since their inception. From the outset, we had high expectations in the key areas of reliability, support, change management, responsiveness and cost. HCE Telecom has delivered in all of these areas, providing significant improvements in the network services that we offer to departments within the City of Hamilton.

We are particularly pleased with how they listen to our business problems and then provide a range of tailored, not cookie-cutter, solutions that solve our problems.  The services, support and advice that HCE Telecom has provided to the City of Hamilton have significantly improved the quality of our network. They have become a trusted partner on whom we can rely. Together, we are building a City-wide network that will ensure that the City of Hamilton can provide excellent service to the residents of Hamilton."

Peter MacNeil, Chief Security & Technology Architect
City of Hamiltom

We are extremely pleased with the transition to HCE Telecom to provide our critical and essential network telecommunication services. HCE brought in a professional team to work closely with us and they delivered a highly performing redundant network that meets the needs of our Service.

HCE’s skilled team was engaged throughout the process from a detailed network design, site survey and circuit installation to implementation to deliver our new network on time and to ensure it was a seamless transition.

We have a collaborative working relationship and it is wonderful to have a partner engaged and responsive to our business needs. 

Ross S. Memmolo, Information Technology Manager
Hamilton Police Service


"Our business demands that we be available to our customers 24/7 365 days of the year. Because of this, over the past 17 years I have been involved with the largest providers in Canada. I have found them to be both unreliable and unresponsive.  As a result of a recent office relocation I had more options available to me. I ended up going with HCE Telecom for our redundant office connectivity. The install and turn up was remarkably quick and painless, something that I was certainly not accustomed to. In fact, it went so well that I asked them what they could do for me at our primary data centre.  

They provided a solution in no time at all and I was able to stop worrying about connectivity for the first time in years.  With the large carriers I had outages, planned as well as unplanned, and it was having a negative effect on our business. Simple BGP solutions were taking years to implement and, even then, they didn't work. With HCE my requests were being handled in a fraction of the time and they worked right from day one.I have so much confidence in this group that they are now putting together a redundant solution to tie together all of our North American offices and data centres. They are that good."

Brad Hazledine Systems Manager


"ETFO required an internet provider that could provide a true multi-homed and seamless connection. HCE was the only provider we spoke with that could provide this to us. Now our organization has two redundant connections providing a seamless IP presence. HCE Telecom's desire to work with us to solve this unique challenge enabled us to accomplish our business goals in a way no other provider was willing or able to do. The technical team at HCE Telecom did an incredible job during our implementation phase. They are always fast and responsive when we have questions or experience issues. At the end of the day I am happy to recommend HCE Telecom, based on their excellent technical experience and customer service."

Christopher Hoang - Manager of IT and Computer Services
Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario


"The biggest reason that we decided to leave the “big supplier” and switch to HCE, was financial. HCE was offering a higher level of services at a cost savings. Initially I was leery; I had already had a bad experience with another company promising a seamless changeover. HCE built my confidence through a detailed existing equipment analysis, a very thorough proposal, and backed up their claims with guarantees in our contract. Their communication and project management through the installation was excellent; I have a direct line to both our account rep and technician. The changeover was so seamless, that the majority of our staff still have no idea that we made the change."

Tim Miller, P.Eng - Facility Manager
The Meeting House


"Our organization switched our phone/internet carrier to HCE Telecom in mid 2016.   The fibre infrastructure was delivered on time and the service we have had with HCE Telecom has been excellent"

Judy Opar Manager of Finance & Administration
Ontario Retirement Communities Association

As a new and growing business we could not have been more fortunate than to have HCE Telecom as our telecommunications partner. HCE’s team of professionals provided us with valuable advice and insights as we set up our network and has continued to provide us with support and guidance as our business has expanded. Our clients require that they be able to connect with us at all times and that our network’s security be maintained at the highest possible levels, HCE has worked with our IT professionals to ensure that all of our required functionality be achieved in as quick, effective and cost efficient manner as possible. At all times in our dealings with HCE both its customer service and technical support have been responsive, helpful and focussed on answering any questions we may have and that our telecommunications services are to out satisfaction and fully understood by our team. HCE is an excellent partner and very much recommended by our firm.

Chris Rogers - Partner
George St Law Group

After so many years dealing with large faceless carriers we were happy to finally deal with a company that provides a single point of contact for all of our client’s telecommunications needs.   We knew we made the right decision to partner with HCE Telecom on day one.  As an IT integrator, we are very pleased with the white-glove support we get from HCE, and as an added bonus we love that we’re dealing with a local Hamilton based company.  Susan was able to provide us with more bandwidth, and at the same time managed to lower our communications costs. 

Mike Pearlstein - President and Chief Technology Officer
Fusion Computing Limited

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Thanks so much! We’re really excited about the potential improvements in our connection. Just want to also say from my perspective I’m super impressed with how professional and thorough you and your installation team has been.


Everything that was promised, was delivered, and greatly exceeded our expectations. 
Initially with our old carrier, we had a connection of 5mbps download and 1 upload.  Now we have 80-100mpbs download and 20 upload. Customer service is exceptional.

Jorge Gasca - President
Matec Label